Finn Greig

A Software Engineer in Wellington, New Zealand.


trails i've walked

CarbonInvoice (Common Ledger's pivot)

2022 - Present

SaaS that professional service firms can use to carbon offset client jobs - by using their data from cloud accounting software.

Common Ledger

2022 - Present

Equipping lenders and financial advisors with real-time data and insights to reinvent financial advice and lending to SMEs.

Snapper Services

2020 - 2022

Working on public transport ticketing for Ireland's National Transport Authority.

Startup Investments

stuff i care about

Manta Biofuel

Producing fuel from algae — a cost-competitive, renewable replacement for crude oil.


Wireless EV charging: certified hardware and software commercially available today.

Cabinet Health

The only sustainable medicine system with compostable refill pouches.


The online supermarket disrupting the New Zealand supermarket duopoly and creating a better and fairer tomorrow for consumers, growers, artisan producers and suppliers.


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