Finn Greig

A Software Engineer in Wellington, New Zealand.


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Rent Check Screenshot

Rent Check

Rent Check is a user-friendly tool designed to provide valuable insights into the rental market in New Zealand. The tool allows users to input the address, rent, and bedroom count of a property they're interested in or currently residing at. It then compares this information with the Tenancy Service's statistics, which are derived from bond lodgement data, to determine if the rent is an outlier. This project is designed with a strong commitment to user privacy, as none of the data submitted by users is stored; it is only processed to provide statistics about the property's rent. This tool was developed to empower renters with data-driven insights.

Freeview NZ Player Screenshot

Freeview NZ Player

This Freeview NZ player is a minimalist, user-centric platform that brings the convenience of watching live TV channels from New Zealand directly to your browser. The project is designed with simplicity in mind, offering a straightforward interface where users can select a channel to start watching. This project showcases a commitment to providing accessible and easy-to-use digital solutions for entertainment needs.

Startup Investments

stuff i care about

Manta Biofuel

Producing fuel from algae — a cost-competitive, renewable replacement for crude oil.


Wireless EV charging: certified hardware and software commercially available today.

Cabinet Health

The only sustainable medicine system with compostable refill pouches.


The online supermarket disrupting the New Zealand supermarket duopoly and creating a better and fairer tomorrow for consumers, growers, artisan producers and suppliers.


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